The Michiana Pickleball Association (MPA)

icon-home-5bulletin-board-smallWe have seen pickleball bring together diverse groups and make them the best of friends.  We have seen pickleball keep seniors active and healthy.  We have seen pickleball thrive in the school systems. ...and we have seen pickleball bring families together in one of the only sports that everyone in the family can play and be competitive.  The Michiana Pickleball Association was created as a 501(c)7 non-profit organization to create opportunities to engage and bring together the WHOLE FAMILY and the WHOLE COMMUNITY in the benefits of pickleball.


11/17/2019: Hi all...Eric Moore, the owner of the South Bend Racquet Club, would like to invite the MPA membership to an open forum about pickleball in our area.  He, along with senior SBRC management, can answer any questions that the membership may have for the SBRC.  More importantly, the membership can help answer questions that may shape the decisions of the club going forward with regards to pickleball. So plan to be there on Saturday, Nov. 23, at 6:30pm to visit with the owner. (Then stick around and play til 9:30pm!)

11/20/2019: Check out the new 15 minute professionaly produced video posted on the bulletin board "Celebrating 50 Years of Pickleball" featuring one of the original creators of the game Barney McCallum. Click here to see it posted on the bulletin board!


It's going to be big and It's going to change this community.  Look for Michiana Pickleball Association announcements above relating to special events, activities and programs we are working on to create even more Pickleball buzz in the Michiana community. If you are interested in more information or think you might like to help, contact us  and we'll talk.   Pickleball is  Good! We're not kidding.

pickleball-kids-2Pickleball for Kids
We are looking to partner with youth organizations and local elementary, middle and high schools to help bring pickleball to kids.  They love it.  Watch out parents, they're coming for you.

pickleball-seniors-2Pickleball for Seniors
Did you know that more than 50% of our members are age 55-70 and many are over 70?  We have programs that engage our "senior citizens" and have turned them into an active force in our city.


pickleball-families-2Pickleball for Families
Pickleball is an awesome sport to get families  doing something together again.  Yes, your 12 year old can beat you.  Watch for our new inclusive programs coming soon that target families in a way not seen before.

pickleball-health-2Pickleball for Health
Pickleball is an awesome sport for heart, muscle, and brain health and just about everything else.  ...and it's fun.  We're working on a program to combat geriatric diabetes with pickleball. Stay tuned and keep playing!


pickleball-community-2Pickleball for Community Engagement
Pickleball is more than a sport, it's an inclusive community engagement tool.  We have a lot of ideas how we can use this to make our community more awesome!

pickleball-economics-2Pickleball for Economic Development
We have had pickleball events that have brought in hundreds of ‘picklers’ from many states, and it's exploding from there. We want a venue that will be a huge draw.


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